Friday, 19th August, 2022


General Overview

Who we are

The Mutual Savings and Credit Fund is a staff contributions  fund set up in 1998. The Fund is governed by a Nine Member Board of Trustees. It has a Fund Secretariat which is administered and managed by a Fund Manager.


The Fund Secretariat deducts 10% every month from monthly staff compensations.


The Mutual Savings and Credit Fund(MSCF) aims to provide the staff of the Ghana Highway Authority innovative financial service products at an affordable interest rates and retirement income security while at the same time ensure the perpertuity of the Fund. It also engages in investment to provide a decent defined contribution benefits.

Investment Management Processes



Our investment strategy is to provide regular income stream while maintaining and potentially increasing the value of investments over the short to medium term. We manage our investment portfolio in a disciplined manner to sustain the efficiency of our investment portfolios.




The MSCF employs a comprehensive approach to identifying, monitoring and managing risk in its investment portfolio. As part of a system of checks and balances, the Board of Trustees( BOT) oversees the investment actvities and evaluates any emerging risks. The activites of the BOT assure that investment remain aligned within defined risk tolerances.



The MSCF provides its members a retirement income security by giving retirees total of their contributions plus interest accrued on their investments as terminal benefits for contributing to the fund during their years of service with the Ghana Highway Authority.

Mission & Vision


To be the most preferred welfare and suplemental retirement income Fund that enrich members with quality life


To offer all stakeholders attractive financial solutions aimed at building long-term growth of members contributions